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Net Worth of Tech N9ne: The World’s Highest Paid Hip-Hop Acts

Tech N9ne’s net worth is a testament to his unique career trajectory in the hip-hop world. While precise figures vary, estimates place it somewhere between $25 million and $40 million.

Who is Tech N9ne?

Tech N9ne, whose real name is Aaron Dontez Yates, is an American rapper, singer, and record label owner. He is known for his complex wordplay, fast-paced delivery, and dark and introspective lyrics. He has been a prominent figure in the underground hip-hop scene for over two decades and has achieved significant mainstream success despite remaining independent from major record labels.

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Real Name Aaron Dontez Yates
Stage Name Tech N9ne (pronounced “tech nine”)
Born 8-Nov-71
Place of Birth Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.
Occupation Rapper, singer, record label owner
Genre Hip hop, horrorcore, rap rock
Years Active 1991-present
Record Label Strange Music (founded in 1999 with Travis O’Guin)
Net Worth Estimated between $25 million and $40 million
Notable Awards BET Hip Hop Awards (Best Live Performer), XXL Awards (Hip Hop Quotable of the Year)
Social Media Twitter (@therealtechn9ne), Instagram (@therealtechn9ne)
Musical Style Fast rapping, complex wordplay, dark and introspective themes
Impact Independent success, influence on other artists, breaking down barriers
Other Notable Facts Has sold over 2 million albums, founded Strange Music record label, known for fast-paced delivery and intricate rhyme schemes



  • Father: Carlton Cook. Estranged from the family.
  • Mother: Name unknown. Suffered from epilepsy and lupus, which had an emotional impact on Tech N9ne.

Grandmother: Played a significant role in raising Tech N9ne and introduced him to music.

Ex-Wife: Lecoya LeJeune (married 1995-2017)


  • Alyia Yates: Daughter with Lecoya LeJeune.
  • Reign Yates: Daughter with Lecoya LeJeune.
  • Dontez Yates: Son, not much information is available.

Other Family Members:

  • Sister: Name unknown.
  • Brother: Name unknown.

Net Worth

As mentioned previously, Tech N9ne’s net worth is estimated to be between $25 million and $40 million. This figure, however, is based on various sources and could be higher or lower depending on the specific calculation methodology and the inclusion of various assets and income streams.

Here are some specific sources that provide estimates of Tech N9ne’s net worth:

  • Celebrity Net Worth: $25 million
  • The Richest: $40 million
  • Wealthy Gorilla: $25 million
  • HipHopDX: $25 million


Q: What is Tech N9ne’s real name?

A: Tech N9ne’s real name is Aaron Dontez Yates.

Q: How did he get the name Tech N9ne?

A: The name “Tech N9ne” comes from two sources:

  • “Tech” is a reference to his technical skills as a rapper, particularly his fast-paced delivery and complex wordplay.
  • “N9ne” is a numerological reference to his birth date (November 8th) and his life path number

Q: What is Tech N9ne’s net worth?

A: Tech N9ne’s net worth is estimated to be between $25 million and $40 million.

Q: How many albums has Tech N9ne sold?

A: Tech N9ne has sold over 2 million albums.

Q: What is Tech N9ne’s record label?

A: Tech N9ne founded his record label, Strange Music, in 1999 with Travis O’Guin.


Tech N9ne, the fast-spitting, introspective rapper from Kansas City, Missouri, has carved his own path in the hip-hop world. He has achieved remarkable success without the backing of major record labels, proving that independent artists can thrive in the industry.

Known for his rapid-fire delivery, complex wordplay, and dark and introspective lyrics, Tech N9ne’s music has resonated with millions of fans worldwide. He has sold over 2 million albums, toured extensively, and won numerous awards.


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