Accelerate Your Path to PA School with CareYaya: Earn Patient Care Hours and More!


Future Physician Assistants – CareYaya is your go-to platform for effortlessly accumulating the essential patient care hours crucial for PA school applications! By becoming a caregiver with CareYaya, students nationwide are gaining invaluable hands-on clinical exposure, earning competitive pay, and enjoying the flexibility to set their own schedules – all while advancing towards their goal of becoming physician assistants!

Fulfilling Your PA School Patient Care Hours

Leading PA programs typically require 1000-2000 hours of healthcare experience. CareYaya provides a seamless solution to meet this crucial requirement through flexible, in-home client interactions. The more hours you work, the closer you get to fulfilling your PA school aspirations!

CareYaya’s caregiver roles align perfectly with PA admissions criteria – from taking patient histories and guiding therapeutic exercises to assisting with medications and more. Moreover, CareYaya verifies all your hours for CASPA application and provides outstanding recommendation letters for high-achieving students. To date, CareYaya has successfully propelled numerous students into prestigious PA programs such as Duke, Baylor, Emory, Stanford, Yale, Wake Forest, UF, and others.

Earn Money and Gain Experience on Your Terms

CareYaya delivers ultimate convenience along with pay that exceeds typical college gigs. Earn $15-20 per hour while acquiring valuable skills – and enjoy the flexibility to determine your own availability each week. Spending just 10-15 hours weekly, you can practice patient communication, take vitals, document observations, provide movement assistance, and develop other sought-after abilities.

Strengthen Your PA School Application with CareYaya

Beyond checking the patient hour box, CareYaya enhances your interpersonal skills, enriches application essays, and expands your professional connections. Former caregivers have secured glowing recommendations from patients, physician advisors, and CareYaya’s executive team, leading to industry-leading placements in PA programs!

Make a Meaningful Impact as a CareYaya Caregiver

As a student caregiver, you’ll forge lasting bonds while helping aging adults live life to the fullest. Become a trusted partner, assisting with companionship, activities of daily living, and more. Gain confidence and abilities that PA programs actively seek, uplifting others along the way!

Ready for outstanding patient access, earnings, and flexibility? Join CareYaya’s PA launchpad today and propel yourself towards a rewarding career in the field of healthcare!”


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